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Saturday, 12 September, 2009

ever had the feeling,
that when you're waiting for something,

a person you're meeting coz the person's fucking late,
the bus to fucking arrive in the fucking hot sun,
waiting for the godammed mrt to reach your destination,

that you feel you could just "donate" your time away to someone else?

for example,

you're waiting for a fucking bus,
and then your bus comes, but out in the distance from the same direction, you see some mad woman trying to catch the bus that's slowly overtaking her in speed.

don't you think you could just "donate" your waiting time,
giving her more time to run/walk after the bus,
and in the other hand, give you less time to waste and wait?

another example,

just waiting for your friend.
give that waiting time for your friend,
to your other friend who takes so fucking long to reach,
and you get to waste less by giving him that time?

gosh, i've gotta invent some fucking scientific gadget for instances like these.

12:43 am